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本文摘要:Google Lens will give the company greater insight into our daily lives than ever before.谷歌镜头(Google Lens)将把谷歌带进用户生活的方方面面,此举前所未有。


Google Lens will give the company greater insight into our daily lives than ever before.谷歌镜头(Google Lens)将把谷歌带进用户生活的方方面面,此举前所未有。It uses machine-learning to identify real-world objects through your phone’s camera, but that’s just the start of the story. It can also analyse everything it sees, understand the context, work out where you are, and figure out what you want to do.谷歌镜头通过机器学习手机摄像头摄制到的一切,来辨识真实世界,但这近不是起点。谷歌镜头需要分析它“看见”的任何事物、背景、用户所处方位以及用户的不道德。

As shown by Google, Lens can use optical character recognition to take the username and password from a Wi-Fi router, and instantly connect your phone to that network.谷歌称之为,谷歌镜头需要通过光学特性辨识提供Wi-Fi帐号和密码,并立刻相连该网络。It can also bring up restaurant reviews and details, using GPS location data to instantly work out which branch you’re considering going to. All you need to do is point your camera in the right direction.此外,谷歌镜头还能提供餐馆概述和涉及细节,利用全球定位系统立即具体用户的意向目的地。用户要做到的只是将手机摄像头对准准确的方向。


Google says Lens is coming to both Photos and Assistant.谷歌称之为谷歌镜头将用作Blogger(Photos)和语音助手(Assistant)两大功能。The former, incidentally, will use machine-learning to analyse your pictures more thoroughly than ever. As well as editing them and recognising the people in them, it will prompt you to send the right photos to the right people, and invite your contacts to send pictures of you, to you.偷偷地托一下,谷歌Blogger将通过机器学习以前所未有的精细程度辨识用户照片。不但不会编辑、辨识照片中的人物,还需要警告用户将照片发给照片中对应的人选,并邀用户联络簿中的人将他们手中具有该用户的照片发送到过来。

Assistant, meanwhile, has just been rolled out to Apple’s App Store. Photos is already available on iOS.语音助手刚经常出现在苹果应用于商店,而Blogger早就限于于iOS系统。The company is quietly transforming your camera into a search engine.谷歌公司于是以悄无声息地将用户手机摄像头变为搜索引擎。Google doesn’t have the best of reputations when it comes to the privacy of its users, and the thought of the company not only being able to see everything you see, but to understand it too, wont sit comfortably with everyone.谷歌在用户隐私方面名声并不难听。

谷歌不但需要看见用户眼前的一切,还需要分析这些信息,这一点子并不为所有人拒绝接受。Googles vision of the future looks incredible, but the fear is that all of that convenience will come at a huge price.谷歌对于未来的愿景十分宏伟,但是有一点有一点忧虑:如此愿景带给的便捷难道都要代价极大代价。