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本文摘要:MARS – thats where more than 450 Chinese people want to live.火星- 有450多中国人想住那。


MARS – thats where more than 450 Chinese people want to live.火星- 有450多中国人想住那。Theyve applied for one-way tickets to the red planet offered by Mars One, an organization based in the Netherlands hoping to establish a human colony there in 2023.他们早已申请人了前往这颗红色星球的单程票,由Mars One获取,一个总部设于荷兰的的组织,期望2023年在那创建一个人类移居地。On its website (, it says it hasnt yet begun its astronaut selection program, but had so far received in excess of 37,000 applications, including more than 450 from China.在其网站上(,它说道还没开始宇航员的甄选程序,但目前为止早已接到了多达37000份申请人,还包括来自中国的450多个。The non-profit organization announced its private spaceflight project in June last year saying that it would send a communications satellite and pathfinder to Mars by 2016 and land four astronauts in 2023 to establish a permanent settlement.这个非营利的组织在去年6月发布了私人航天项目,回应到2016年将发送到一个通信卫星以及火星探路者到火星,2023年四个宇航员在那登岸以创建一个永久移居地。

After that, a new set of four astronauts would arrive every two years.在那之后,每两年四名宇航员构成新的一批将到达那里。Mars One is planning a reality TV show where the audience can select the astronauts and watch as they prepare for the epic journey.Mars One于是以计划一个电视真人秀节目,观众可以自由选择宇航员并看著他们打算史诗般的旅程。It said it had developed a precise, realistic plan based entirely upon existing technologies.它回应它早已研发出有了“一个准确的、现实的几乎创建在现有技术基础上的计划”。




It said the primary personal attributes of a successful astronaut would be emotional and psychological stability, supported by personal drive and motivation.它说道一个顺利宇航员的主要个人特质将是情感和心理的平稳,不受个人动力和动机所反对。Once on Mars, there is no means to return to Earth. Mars is home, its website says. A grounded, deep sense of purpose will help each astronaut maintain his or her psychological stability and focus as they work together toward a shared and better future.“一旦上了火星,意味著仍然回到地球。火星就是家,”该的组织的网站说道。

“一个平稳深远影响的目的将协助每个宇航员维持其心理的平稳,使他们专心于朝着一个分享和更佳的未来而一起工作。”It lists five key requirements for applicants – resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust, and creativity/resourcefulness.它对申请者所列了五个关键拒绝——弹性、适应性、好奇心、信任、创造力/足智多谋。Successful candidates will receive a minimum of eight years of training before they leave Earth behind.顺利的候选人在他们离开了地球之前将拒绝接受最少八年的训练。

Ma Qiang, a 39-year-old Sichuan Province native, told Beijing Youth Daily he hoped to be selected to make his life worth living.马强,一个39岁的四川人告诉他《北京青年报》他期望被顺位以使他的生命“有一点活下去。”Ma said he survived the 2008 earthquake in the southwest province but had been deeply affected by what he had seen.马强说道他经历了2008年在中国西南省份的地震,仍然颇受他所看见的东西的影响。

After that, Ma wanted to do something to make his life worth living, he told the newspaper, and a journey to Mars could be the answer.在那之后,马强想要做到些事情来让他的生命有价值,他告诉他记者,火星之旅可能会是答案。Wang Wenming, 30, from Kunming in southwest Yunnan Province, said his dream was to explore a new world.王文明,30岁,来自云南昆明,说道他的梦想是去探寻一个新世界。