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本文摘要:From medical problems to travel plans, your Google searches can reveal a intimate snapshot of your life.从身体健康问题到旅行计划,谷歌搜寻记录就是你私人生活的概述。



From medical problems to travel plans, your Google searches can reveal a intimate snapshot of your life.从身体健康问题到旅行计划,谷歌搜寻记录就是你私人生活的概述。While it can be easy to forget these searches, if you were logged into a Google account, all these queries have been saved.尽管这些内容很更容易就被人们记得,不过,如果你指定了谷歌账号,所有这些网页记录都会被储存。Now Google is offering users the option of downloading their entire search archive, as well as deleting part, or all, of the record.目前,谷歌为用户获取了储存他们全部网页记录的技术支持,用户也可以自由选择部分移除或者全部移除他们的网页记录。The feature exports your searches to Google Drive in a ZIP archive, with files divided by year and quarter.所有数据都会被存储到谷歌云端硬盘压缩包,文件夹的内容则按年份和季度分类存储。

You can download all of your saved search history to see a list of the terms youve searched for, a Google support page says.谷歌在其反对页面上称,“你可以iTunes你的所有谷歌搜寻记录,看你曾多次搜过什么。”This gives you access to your data when and where you want.“这样你就可以随时随地查阅这些数据。



”To download your history visit and log in with your Google account.登岸谷歌账户,转入页面,才可iTunes你的搜寻历史。Then click onto a calendar view to take a look at what you searched for on any given date.然后就可以通过页面日历视图,查阅任何一天你的网页记录了。For those who want to keep a record of their Google searches, clicking the settings button on the top right corner can download the database.想留存个人全部谷歌搜寻数据的话,只要页面右上角的设置键展开iTunes才可。

Items in search can be deleted by checking the box next to them and clicking the remove items option.移除网页内容可以查阅旁边的选框,然后点“移除内容”选项。To delete your entire search history, click settings, remove items and pick a time frame, such from the beginning of time.想移除个人全部搜寻历史的话,页面设置、移除内容,然后自由选择开始及累计日期(例如从最先的记录开始)。Google stresses that only account holders can see their data.谷歌公司特别强调,只有登记用户才能查阅自己的这些数据。The company has also warned user not download the search archive on a public computer to maintain privacy.谷歌也警告用户不要在公用电脑上备份个人搜寻数据以防止泄漏隐私。

According to the unofficial Google Operating System Blog, the California-based began testing its download feature last year.一个取名为“谷歌操作系统”的非官方博客称之为,总部坐落于加州的谷歌公司于去年开始测试这项iTunes技术。It follows similar moves by groups such as Facebook who have made it easier for users to access their archived content following privacy concerns.这与“脸书”等网站出于隐私考虑到构建用户个人资料备份是类似于的性质,而且脸书的iTunes还更容易些。